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Conditions And Policies

This "Conditions and Policies" provides a guide for visiting and using the service as well as the use of data by Best Writer UK in delivering the academic writing service. It includes conditions related to services, payment and cancellation, and refund. It also entails privacy policies for type of data collected and how they are used. Terms such as 'company' and 'we' refer to BEST WRITER UK. Moreover, terms such as 'You' and 'Student' refers to the SERVICE USER.


At BEST WRITER UK, students are offered a variety of online academic writing services. Our variety of services includes essay, assignment, dissertation, coursework, term paper, thesis, research paper and case study writing services. We possess the right to turn down to offer the service to any student on any ground without notification. Moreover, our services are offered with the core purpose to help students by providing them sample papers. You agree that you will not submit the delivered paper in its original form. We also do not guarantee any grade. You agree not to hold us responsible for failing or losing marks or grade.


Students also agree to place their orders through our official website at, WhatsApp, live chat and social media pages. You can either get a custom quote from our representative or you can get a quote on the order form. When placing the order, you will provide all the necessary details. You agree that we will not be responsible for any problem or error occurred due to wrong or incomplete requirements provided by you.


You agree to pay for the order in advance. If you want to pay in instalment, you must get in touch with our representative who will issue you a payment link for the instalment payment. We possess the right to turn down the instalment request. You also agree that after the payment, you will not change your order specifications.


BEST WRITER UK possesses the right to cancel any order with or without notice and on any ground. Students can also cancel their orders within 12 hours of placing the order. To cancel your order, students are required to submit a formal request through email. If you cancel the order after 12 hours, you agree to pay 20% of the cancellation fees.


After delivery of the order, if students are not satisfied, they can request for revision for free. Under no circumstances we shall refund your order amount. However, if you find inappropriate order content such as plagiarism or unfulfilled order requirements, we will refund you fully.

Personal Data Collection

When students visit the website or order on our website, we collect personal information of students. It includes full name, phone number, and email address. The data is collected to provide you an exceptional academic writing service. Your name, phone number, and email address are used to contact you for your order.

Non-Identifying Data Collection

We also confirm gathering non-identifying data of yours. This information is not the personal information of students and is not related to the privacy and identity of students. Rather such data includes browser data, browser name and kind of device. The data is effective for realising your preference. This information is utilized for enhancing your experience.

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